The Headlands Gamble

An immersive mystery weekend trip for two, told through meetings with actors, physical artifacts, calls and texts, and a custom convertible with a digital tablet interface.


Adventure Design Group

A free demi-monthly speaker series for live games and immersive theatrical experiences, and a local community that supports the craft and business.

anchorage title


A game about lost relationships that uses your email history to fill your experience with memories from your personal past.

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Logan’s Run

The sci-fi classic, brought to life as an epic live-action street game in the alleys of San Francisco.


The Hearst Collection

“An adventure in art:” An art-heist laser maze installation game.

Stealth Logger

Stealth Logger

If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears it fall, did it make a sound?…THE GAME


Crazy Boat: Curse of the Trash Vortex

The Pacific Trash Vortex has reached critical mass, flooding the seas with strange and valuable debris. Make your fortune in a new age of seafaring entrepreneurship.


Undercover Street Games

Undercover Street Games is a series of undercover variants of popular games like Capture the Flag and assassins, played in public spaces.



In a multiverse where up to 10 alternate yous exist, you must defeat them and make them your minions. Who will be “THE ONE”?

Path of the Monk

Path of the Monk

Path of the Monk is a three-player game of deception made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2010. The Monk relies on chatting with two guiding spirits to make it through the maze, but one spirit is secretly hoping to get the monk killed.