About me

Hi there! I’m a San Francisco-based designer and coder with a passion for games, real-world data, interactive narrative, maps, public space and theater — and the intersections between them.

I design and develop games, focusing on those that tie in real-world data in some way. Crazy Boat, 2011 (New York Times: “Enormously compelling”) uses your Facebook posts to build a personalized player profile. Pretweeting, 2009 (Mashable: “A ton of fun”) creates a market for words on Twitter, and my variants on Risk, 2007-2009, use maps and location information.

I build my values of play, serendipity and joy into more utilitarian applications as well. Gatsby, 2012, engineers serendipitous meetings into your everyday life. And Scenic Route, 2010, takes you on meandering paths towards your destinations, bringing you to new sites and paths as part of your everyday commute.

I think that the real world is the richest canvas that exists, and I create hybrid digital/physical works that extend beyond the screen into our reality. Bellagio Heist, 2010, and The Hearst Collection, 2012, are thrilling installation games with working laser security systems. Le Livre Secret, 2009, is a site-specific narrative set in a scenic Parisian park, and Castro Catastrophe, 2006, is a technology-augmented interactive theater performance in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.

I help organize Come Out & Play in San Francisco and NYC, and I’ve presented projects at South By Southwest in Austin, PlayPublik in Berlin, and the Interesting Games Festival in Bristol. And I’ve had the privilege of raising funding for creative works from highly esteemed groups and individuals in both gaming and technology.

My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle (three times!), Fox News, Forbes, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, and leading technology blogs, and has been played and interacted with by tens of thousands of enthusiastic players and audience members.

I think that interactive media is creating tremendous new opportunities for art, culture, and play: my work lives on this frontier. I strive for simple, compelling, relevant ideas, expressed clearly, and executed with polish, flair, character, beauty, joy and truth.

I’m now working for The Go Game, a San Francisco based company building live-action urban adventure games. Watch this space!