The Headlands Gamble

An immersive mystery weekend trip for two, told through meetings with actors, physical artifacts, calls and texts, and a custom convertible with a digital tablet interface.


Adventure Design Group

A free demi-monthly speaker series for live games and immersive theatrical experiences, and a local community that supports the craft and business.

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A game about lost relationships that uses your email history to fill your experience with memories from your personal past.

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Logan’s Run

The sci-fi classic, brought to life as an epic live-action street game in the alleys of San Francisco.


The Hearst Collection

“An adventure in art:” An art-heist laser maze installation game.

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Woodcut Maps

Handcrafted wood-inlay maps. Designed by you, rendered by the cloud (from mapping data), and assembled by oboists in San Francisco.


Crazy Boat: Curse of the Trash Vortex

The Pacific Trash Vortex has reached critical mass, flooding the seas with strange and valuable debris. Make your fortune in a new age of seafaring entrepreneurship.

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Gatsby introduces you to nearby people with common interests and friends, wherever you go.

Scenic Route

Scenic Route

Because getting there should be half the fun! Scenic Route builds dynamic walking tours from wherever you are to wherever you’re going.



A market game for twitter words: buy infrequently mentioned words and sell them for a (virtual) profit!

Livre Secret

Le Livre Secret des Buttes Chaumont

“Le Livre Secret des Buttes Chaumont” is an interactive short story situated within Paris’s Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Every plot point in the fictional adventure, set in Rome and Tivoli, corresponds to an actual location within the park.



A massively inclusive distributed strategy game based on RISK played at college campuses. We raised funding and launched successful games at several universities.

Mansion of Crossed Destinies

Mansion of Crossed Destinies

A two-player cooperative game inspired by the Winchester Mystery House.